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Entwicklungsindizien der russischen Wirtschaft | Studie 2008

Im Auftrag von wurde der Bericht ´Entwicklungsindizien der russischen Wirtschaft | Studie 2008´ erstellt.

Entwicklungsindizien der russischen Wirtschaft | Studie 2008

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The Russian Federation is a major economy of the world, and had been the power-center of a former superpower. Russia has seen a constant growth, with the GDP growing at 4 percent in 2002 to 8.1 percent in 2007. The Russian Currency (Ruble) also gained strength against the US Dollar during the period 2002 to 2008, with the exchange rate for one US Dollar reducing from 31.39 Rubles in 2002 to 24.86 Rubles in 2008. The Russian exports are also increasing rapidly (at 28 percent CAGR for 2002-2008), but the Russian imports are increasing faster (at 30 percent CAGR for 2002-2008). The major Russian exports are based on natural resources, which may not last forever. The Russian population is also declining by 0.45 percent per annum.

Entwicklungsindizien der russischen Wirtschaft

The report discusses the socio- economic Indicators, financial indicators, Industrial sector growth Indicators, and trade Indicators of Russia. The Socio-economic Indicators talk about the population, labor force, unemployment rate, Income of the population and household consumption expenditure of Russia; while the financial indicators talk about the Inflation rate, gross domestic product, government expenditure, gross fixed capital formation, money supply, stabilizing fund, Interest rates, foreign exchange rates, foreign exchange reserves, foreign investments, capital investments and stock market growth. The Industrial sector growth Indicators, on the other hand, talk about the agriculture sector, retail sector, Industrial production, and freight carried; and the trade indicators talk about exports, Imports, balance of trade, and current account.  

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