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Welcome to NBS

Dear sirs, ladies and gentlemen, I am graduated lawyer, but first of all very experienced service-oriented marketing specialist, who can a bit programming. Let’s rock our markets as follows:

Objectives and methods:

  • Legally safe and extraordinary competent money making: online and offline.
  • NBS produces millions of advertising fade-in’s each month. Some of them works. You can invest.
  • NBS is active in multiple kinds of information business. Market research, information technology and more.
  • NBS knows a lot about counterintelligence in business issues.
  • NBS has own editorial and consulting office.
  • NBS has own information laboratory.
  • We do experiments. Investigation experiments and influence experiments.
  • The owner is the lawyer since 1999. I was 19 at the time.
  • I work with and de facto reeducate legal institutions.
  • I let legal institutions to cooperate in big dimension issues.
  • You can pay, I can legally disable huge organizations or create design for economy growing of companies or entire geographic regions as think tank (consulting).

Contact to business maker:

NBS Research is situated in Wuppertal,

Mr. Vladimir Nechaev (LL.B. 1999)
+49 151 10044727
info @ nbs-research.com

Doing business world wide
2007 Vladimir Nechaev | NBS consulting promotion

Next steps

03.2020 – planned legal form – gGmbH in foundation. Fiscals are already informed. Now the founder of NBS is waiting of the end of multiple kinds of terror in Germany. Open for contact initiation.
01.2023 – meanwhile a stable enough working IT system was developed, the numbers was increased, some troublemakers are gone, some old websites was refreshed, moved and rebuild, the business concept copy maker was putted in the investigation, the crime of genocide was officially accepted, some legal cases became clearer. The another, now smaller, troublemakers are active.

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