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Now I am looking for Investors for creating a new huge online business project. Please contact me. Prototypes of me just works.

App’s examples 2019-2021

Here you can see the smallest examples of programming competences in house of NBS. No, I am not the professional programmer, but I can show the necessary competences, to manage the big IT-Project from the business point of view. If you have luck, you will see how the the part of my code works, if not, just try it 3 times with interval of circa 5 minutes: that are 3 That is one of the small well optimized control applications, that runs semi-automatically to make me and my future investors rich by further development of the own IT-projects.

Teaser for older project 2016-2018

The IT-development project under the development-name Hexagon, based on the old idea of increasing of popularity of some resources, was created 2016 near Cologne, Germany (Area 51) till prove-of-concept-phase, had international preferences and is so interesting what some corrupt policeman’s in Germany broken in my flat in to steal the business plan and other documents after long illegal observation.

On this way they took unallowed control over law case by highest court too, concerning ca. 27.000.000 people in Germany.

I am not happy about it. Twice. Something else was happened after that. Really, as lawyer I could write probably the best crime book about Germany in XXI century with all the links between government employees, police, simple crime people and special services from local level till FBI / CIA over the military intelligence’s and back. Are you publisher? Hot contact here.

Because of this, I think they will be eliminated now according the international anti-terrorism law. The official papers are pending. The persons are identified and well documented. (See the law competence of CB NBS). Now they stalk, shows presence and dependencies again and again like sects do that.

But… the business show must go on anytime, with or without stability in the broken public sector. Please contact me to make a correct investment in some specific future-project. I would be glad to answer any question, asked from business makers. Trusted persons can make good money with my strategies and competences.

The prototype – since 2010

The basic project runs as prototype since 2010 and deliver me the calculation basics. Suspect-fully similar to the one of the basic projects of me looks the project Sputnik of Rostelecom (2014).

29.05.2020 – The head of Information Agency “Russia Today”, looks like 2nd director of CIA Mr. Hayden, copies information from NBS daily and use it for his commercial work since more than 10 years. I think it’s about information warfare against Russians in the “Russian medial package”. May be you can enjoy the history of one of the TV-chanels from “Russia Today” on the NBS pages in the future. That is definitely not what you can expect.

I just worked around of this issue in the law context of terrorism. Now I have my own good looking numbers with the last fast prototypes, but I am still looking for investors.

Update: 06.04.2021