Looking for Investor

Now I am looking for Investors for creating a new huge online business project.

The project unter code-name Hexagon was created 2016 near Cologne till proove-of-concept phase, had international preferences and is so interesting what some corrupt policemans in Germany broken in my flat in to steal the business plan and other documents after long illegal observation.

On this way whey took unallowed control over law case, concerning ca. 27.000.000 people in Germany by highest court too.

I am not happy about it.

Twice. Something else is happened afterthat.

Because of this, I think they will be eliminated now according the international anti-terrorism law. The official papes are pending. (Law Competence of Competence Bureau NBS).

But. The business show must go on. Please contact me to make a correct investment in the future-project. Contact to project owner Vladimir Nechaev.