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Legal Basics

NBS-Research.com is the flexible online presence of Competence Bureau NBS (CB|NBS). NBS stand for Nechaev Business Services and exists since 2006 in West-Germany. The owner is the lawyer Vladimir Nechaev (diploma since 1999). According the law Vladimir Nechaev can give advise and support in higher kind of services as freelancer with no additional permit (§ 2 GewStG, § 18 EStG). In the same time freedom of speech, art and science, research and teaching of the private person Vladimir Nechaev are free of state control (Art. 5 GG). The owner makes decision by himself, to generate profit with his work or not. This is relevant for tax notification and imprint obligation, for example, depends on the whole situation: personal or overriding reasons of legal nature for example*. On the other way the owner can anytime protect his redaction sources (§ 53 Abs. 1 Satz 1 Nr. 5 and § 97 StPO) because it can be important for protection of somebody’s life’s. State interventions are not allowed here by the law. Business Intelligence branch of NBS is not the state kind of intelligence, rather computer based analysis of big data.

*Enforcement of the rights: V-people from BfV and police can go home or better cooperate to fight crime in the authorities to avoid to turn criminals by themselves (§§ 13, 221 StGB).


NBS Research is NOT a part of any political party, any kind social organized movements. The owner of NBS Research has no relatives among public figures.

NBS Research is definitely:

NBS-Research.com was created as the specialized online-platform for managing the market research orders in specific areas like the market of Russian Federation – the only market in Europe, that can have significant growing of consumer markets, expenses in private households and industrial development in the next future, at least in opinion of NBS.

Since the end of 2013 the Research branch of NBS has made a big criminology research in Germany about behavior of German authority co-workers who was – highly likely – driven by genocide motives. Investigation experiments confirm that.

The political rock-n-roll of the last years in Germany is actually the reaction on the criminal case as public evidence for very special legal status. The statistics and specific cases are still very bad (As of 2019). In respect to any human system I warned the key players in Germany about it 2014.

Linked on that research, NBS did a new very deep international criminology research about criminal behavior of sects and religion radicals, that are deeply integrated in the life of public decision makers.

During the study about the crime behavior of sects followers in the authorities and mass media, NBS has documented the crime lexicon and codes in German and in Russian languages.

Analysis methods

Focused on statistics, knowledge of media market, law, the work with focus groups and a lot of unsorted information, NBS can give nearly perfect analytical picture about the research object.

Very special for NBS-Research.com is, that NBS don’t hesitate to make objective analysis concerning authorities.


The reports of NBS are in use in the practice by nearly all governmental organizations and such organizations, who practice the control over the controllers. The small problem is, that the collecting of my analytical data happens without legal basics. That is why I speak about sects.

Analytic against of illegal espionage

In virtue of seriously crimes, NBS stands in official contact to authorities around the world and works against the espionage of “Five Eyes”, that will be used by the same authorities and big competitors in consulting branch with a lot of illegal energy.

Of course that makes the commerce of private GermanRussian NBS Consulting a bit special and a bit complicated, but the NBS solutions works.

NBS – Nechaev Business Services

If you have commercial interests, you are invited to make some business with NBS as official partner in marketing, public relations and IT branch. If you need very experienced professional for other purposes, you can contact NBS.

Please be sure, you contact the properly NBS, that belongs originally to Vladimir Nechaev, lawyer since 1999, researcher and business consultant since 2006.

Vladimir Nechaev negotiate business issues only in persona. Simply signed contracts are not valid.

(c) 16.10.2019 NBS-Research.com | Update 07.04.2020 | 10.02.2023

The history to read

ca. 2012 – V. Nechaev works as Business Development Director by former client ACROVIS Pharma AG.

Vladimir Nechaev, Business Development & Investor Relations (stand 2012)

Head of Investor Relations and head of Business Development Russia of ACROVIS biostructures Baccalaureus juris (Bachelor of law) Vladimir Nechaev studied Law at the Institute for Foreign Economics Relationships, Economics and Law in Saint Petersburg from 1995 to 1999. Until 2000 he worked as chief executive (factory manager) at a Russian mid size company and ran the own business in Russia. From 2004 to 2008 he was executive manager of an affiliate of the international trust Bayer AG at the KoelnMesse instructing and leading 350 employee. He acts as business consultant with the focus Russia and as German entrepreneur since 2006 (Nechaev Business Services). Mr. Nechaev is founder of the biggest German-speaking Portal about the Russian economy NBS-Research.com and developer of an own universal methodology for market research and development as well as strategic cooperation with clients and political entities. He is accepted as the expert for Russian economy by the German press and at universities such as the Cologne University of Applied Science and the University of Heidelberg. Hobby beside of business: second law studies at the University at Cologne.

Notice from 09.04.2020

Documents with old stamp of

Nechaev Business Services

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USt-IdNr.: ……………………. NBS

are not valid, especially not valid for legal reasons by FBI in any form since 02.2018 – where could be fakes on the way.