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Competence Bureau NBS

The joint Competences Bureau NBS is a collection of business projects for specific aims.

Your extraordinary experienced business partner NBS

NBS – Nechaev Business Services was found in Germany 2006 as german-russian business consulting project.


The key competences of the owner of NBS is the law science (Diplom since 1999 of St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law) and business since 1996.

Business Intelligenge.

The specific additional competences are market research, marketing, and public relations in two languages (German and Russian), based on IT of course, it means information business in general.

Doing. Business.

With that competences Mr. Nechaev can access every branch and every focus group of customers to make his clients wisely in some critical information aspects and may be a bit reacher throw doing (international) business.


The methods and the teams of NBS are very different in depend of the situation and the goals, that must be achieved.

Don’t hesitate to contact NBS.

Contacts of Mr. Vladimir Nechaev (in german) (in russian).

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